Enjoy a game of guessing and luck with online Keno!

When it comes to games, Australian online keno sites offer a wide range of top quality entertainment, including Keno. In this fun game players are presented with a board filled with 80 numbers. They can then pick a number, or many numbers depending on the casino in-game rules. If you’ve ever played bingo or the lottery, learning this game is quick and easy to do. Once you know the ropes, you can then pick a number and wait for the virtual numbered balls to come up and display the round’s winning numerals. If you’ve picked correctly and the balls display your number then you’ll win big money. With players only required to pick numbers, it’s clear why this game requires no skill and revolves more around guessing and luck.



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Suitable for all players across the board

As the amount of numbers you can pick is not cemented and depends on the online casino you have chosen, players across the board can find a Keno online game and a site that suits their budget. If you’re looking to have pure fun without the cost, play on the free games available at the Australian online sites. If you’re looking to play with your real money but have a tight budget, then only pick a few numbers. If you’re a seasoned player and a high roller, then pick on the maximum amount of numbers allowed. The more numbers you pick, the bigger your chances of winning. However, the more numbers you pick the larger your wager so pick carefully. The winning numbers are picked at random so fair play is always incorporated into a game of Keno. This game is also suitable for those who like to play on a mobile device as there are mobile games available. Many online sites also offer this game on PC wired platforms and tablets. So no matter which device you’re using, you’ll find the perfect version of this game for you!

A game with a story

Another interesting aspect to this online game is that is it based on an ancient Chinese game called Yin and Yang. To get the maximum out of your game play, use this Chinese philosophy to guide you. The Yin is the top portion of the board and the Yang is the bottom portion of the board. According to the ancient game, if players pick equal amounts of numbers on both the top and the bottom portion of the board then they will have balance. It is through this balance that winnings can be won. Think of this ancient tale when playing on your favourite Keno game at your online casino site.

Beautiful gaming on your screen

No matter which online casino site you’re playing at, each game of Keno is as beautiful as the next. Most often, the layouts are neat, the colours are bold and bright and the soundtracks are immersive. Although not your typical Las Vegas game, you’ll still feel like you’re sitting in a casino in Las Vegas when playing. Apart from being beautiful, these games are also rewarding ,with many casino bonuses and in-games features available for all players!


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